4th Generation Firebird Prototype


GMPP Firebird GT Package


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1996 Pontiac Firebird Hardtop Coupe  (FS87V)

High Performance Street

"My engineering project"

Exterior PHOTOS


Underhood PHOTOS



Installed          To Be Installed          Planned


RPO Specs

Original Factory Options [RPO Codes]

1SB Option Group [C60, B35, B84, AH3, W52]

(C49) Electric Rear Window Defogger

(C60) Air Conditioning

(41U) Exterior - Black [GM paint code WA8555]

(B35, replaced) Graphite Rear Floor Mats

(12I / 19I, modified) Interior Trim - Graphite / Ebony

(B84, removed) Body Side Moldings


(AH3) 4-way Manual Seat Adjuster - Drivers Side


(W52, replaced) ETR AM/FM Stereo with Cassette



3800 Series II V6 (L36)

19 lb/hr MPI Fuel Injectors (AC Delco 217-306)


● 65 mm Hitachi TB


4-Speed w/OD (3.75, 2.19, 1.41, 1.00, 0.72) Borg-Warner T5 Manual Transmission (RPO M49)

● 10 Bolt - 7.5” Series 3 Carrier Rear Axle


● 3.23 Gears (RPO GU5, replaced)

Modification Factory Options [RPO Codes]

● (Y87) 14.4:1 Ratio Steering Rack [FE2]

(Y87) 4-wheel Disc Brakes [J65]

(Y87) Limited Slip Differential [G80]

(Y87) Dual Exhast

(W68) Ground Effects

(W68) Fog Lights

(N36/NP5) 1988-89 Four-spoke Sport Steering Wheel / Black Leather-wrapped

(DK6) 1985-87 Overhead Console

(WS6) Ram Air Hood

(9C1) Engine Oil Cooler

(1LE) Power Steering Cooler

(1LE) Transmission Mount Bushing

(J6F) Calipers, Bright Red

(GT4) 3.73 Gears




AMSOIL SSO Signature Series 5W-30 100% Synthetic Oil (tech info)

Rear Axle Lubricant 80W-90 (GM p/n 890221669)

AMSOIL AEF Engine Flush

LSD Additive (GM p/n 88900330)

Manual Transmission Fluid (GM p/n 88861800)

AMSOIL Synthetic Grease (sway bar bushings)


Chevron [91 Octane]    Top Tier Gasoline


GM Delco Supreme II DOT 3 Brake Fluid  (tech info)  (GM p/n 12377967)

● GM Power Steering Fluid (GM p/n 19329448)

GM Hydraulic Clutch Fluid – DOT 3 Brake Fluid with Friction Modifiers (GM p/n 12345347)


Coolant (260 degree rating)

Prestone “Quick Fill 50/50“ Dex-Cool (tech paper)

Royal Purple Purple Ice® Coolant Additive

Misc Fluids

Prestone “Bug Wash" Windshield Washer Fluid

Fluid Volumes

● Fuel (15.5 gal)

● Manual Transmission (6.8 pints)

● Oil (4.5 qt)

● Rear Axle (3.5 pints, 2 oz LSD additive)

● Coolant (12.5 qt)






1998+ A/C Idler and Belt Tensioner Steel Pulleys (GM p/n 24506756)

1997+ Harmonic Balancer (GM p/n 12563281)

Accessory Serpentine (Goodyear Gatorback Poly V-belt p/n 4060945)

1997+ HB Bolt (GM p/n 24506341)




180 Degree Thermostat (Stant SuperStat Premium p/n 45848)

Thermostat O-ring Seal (GM p/n )

Radiator - 1.25" Core (Spectra Premium p/n CU1485) [25% oversized]

Radiator Cap - ACDelco RC24 (GM p/n 10402081)

Upper Radiator Hose (Goodyear p/n 62153)

Lower Radiator Hose (Goodyear p/n 62154)

Radiator Lower Insulator - RH (GM p/n 10188023)

Radiator Lower Insulator - LH (GM p/n 10278679)

Coolant Reservoir Cap (GM p/n 10188034)

Radiator Cap (GM p/n 10316828)


1997 PCM (GM p/n 16227797) [re-tuned with HP Tuners]  2G1FP22K9V2115646



Diehard GOLD "North" Battery Model 50675 (690CCA, 100RC)


● Extended PF52 Oil Filter (Purolator PBL24011 - optional NAPA Platinum PFL41036 or Mobil 1 M1-201)

Fuel Filter (GM p/n 25121293)


Exhaust Manifold O2 Sensors (failure)

Lower Intake Manifold Gasket (leaking)

EVAP Purge Valve (wiring circuit failure)

Valve Cover Gaskets p/n 25532619 (leaking)

Crankshaft Position Sensor 0336 Code (failure)

Oil Pan Gasket p/n 24502397 (leaking)

EGR Valve (p/n 12568589 & gasket p/n 12567275) 1406 Code

Oil Pan (dented)

IAC Valve p/n 17112929 (sticking)

Front Crankshaft Seal p/n 12582313 (leaking)

EVAP Emission Canister Switch (GM p/n 24506192 / ACDelco 212-358) 1441 Code


● Engine Wiring Harness [worn at back and behind engine due to rubbing on stud - created MAP Sensor 0107 code (replaced sensor twice), short in backup light circuit, true cause of EVAP Purge Valve circuit failure, and other “mystery” engine codes that came and went]

● Crankshaft Sensor Shield p/n 12591982 (damaged)

Maintenance (Accessories)

Power Steering Pump (leaking shaft seal)

● Water Pump (shaft seal failure)

A/C Compressor (shaft seal failure)

● Belt Tensioner Block Coolant Elbow (O-ring failure)

● Alternator (failure)




● Ram Air Box (GM) - gasket removed

● 1988 Monte Carlo SS Oval Intake Duct

Firehawk Hood Gasket (SLP)

● 12” IAT Extension Harness (Caspers Electronics p/n 109017)


● Ram Air Filter (NAPA p/n 6323 or Fram CA7007)




OBX Racing Stainless Headers

● Fire Sleeving (Taylor)

● Header Gasket (GM p/n 24507676) or SCE Copper Header Gasket (p/n 9433)

● Locking Header Bolts (Stage 8)



Hi-flow Cat


● 409SS 2-Sensor Hi-flow Cat (Magnaflow p/n 94169) [3" ID Inlet / 3" ID Outlet]

● 3" OD / 2.5" ID 304SS Transition

2.5"” SS Ball & Socket Connector Kit (Magnaflow)


Cat-back: 409SS 2.5” Cat-Back Exhaust System w/ Dual Exhaust (Magnaflow p/n 15694) [3.4L w/ S-pipe]


3” 304SS Bullet Resonator (SLP Loud Mouth™ II p/n 31067)

3” to 2.5” 304SS Transition (Stainless Works p/n TT32.5)

2.5” 304SS 1” Offset Pipe (Columbia River p/n SS-250-OFFSET)

3” 304SS S-Pipe (SLP p/n 30045)




2.5” 304SS 1994 Firehawk Oval Tips (SLP)

Maintenance   Y-pipe (rattle)



Centerforce I Clutch Kit

Clutch Master Cylinder restriction removal

Centerforce Throw-out Bearing

● Pilot Bushing

● Flywheel

Transmission Front Shaft Seal (leaking)

Clutch Slave Cylinder (weak)

● Clutch Master Cylinder (weak)


● 3" Aluminum Driveshaft (GM p/n 12564004)

1996 V8 Auto Transmission Convertible Cross-member w/ X-tunnel brace

98+ 1LE Transmission Mount Bushing (GM p/n 22174970)


Hurst Comp/Plus Shifter (p/n 391-0032)

Hurst 5-speed Pattern White Shift Ball (p/n 163-0025)

● Hurst Chrome Stick (p/n 538-9015)

Hurst B-4 Boot [grafted to modified factory tunnel boot] (p/n 114-4580)

Rear Axle

● Aluminum Differential Cover (TA Performance p/n 1809)

54mm M12x1.5 Rear Wheel Studs (Dorman p/n 610-323)

● GMPP Firebird GT Zexel-Torsen LSD (GM p/n 12363985)

● 15mm Rear Wheel Spacer (Eibach p/n

Rear Axle Bearings & Seals (GM p/n 9428573/26029139)

3.73 Ring and Pinion Gear (Motive)

Rear End Gasket (GM p/n 26016661)

● 1997 V8 Axle w/ C-clip (GM p/n 344171)



Shock Tower Brace (Hotchkis p/n 2006B)

Bolt-on Subframe Connectors

Convertible K-member (reinforced)

Engine Mounts (Anchor p/n 2878 / 2465)

Shocks / Springs

● Upper Shock 1LE Bushing (GM p/n 22166909)

Shocks (Bilstein Re-valved “SLP” p/n F4-BE5-2406-M1 F & F4-BE5-2407-M1 R)

Lowering Springs ( front: 1” 351 lb/in, rear: 1” 80/137 lb/in ) (Eibach Pro-Kit p/n 3831.240)

1LE Shock Insulator Retainer (GM p/n 22166910)

● Lower Shock Bushing (GM p/n 10009135)


● 35mm Solid Sway Bar (Suspension Techniques p/n 50080)

● Greaseable Bushings (Energy Suspension p/n 9.5168R)

● Endlinks (Spohn Spherical End p/n SEL-19-409-F4) w/ GM-style rubber bushing

● Front Lower A-arm Ball Joint (Moog p/n K6145T)

● Front Upper A-arm Ball Joint (Spohn p/n K6462)

Front Lower A-arm Front Bushing (Moog p/n K6490)

● Front Upper A-arm Bushing (Moog p/n K6490)

Front Lower A-arm Rear FE7/1LE Bushing (GM p/n 22156434)




● 19mm Sway Bar (GM p/n 10164174)

● 1LE Panhard Rod w/ Poly Bushings (Energy Suspension p/n 3.7106G)

Greaseable Bushings (Energy Suspension p/n 9.5156R)

Lower Control Arm 1LE (GM p/n 10164151) w/ 1LE (GM p/n 10164152) and Energy Suspension (p/n 3.3136G) Bushings

Endlinks (Spohn Spherical p/n SEL-19-406) w/ GM-style rubber bushing

● LCA Bolt-in Re-Location Brackets (UMI p/n 2012B)

● Rear Wheel Jounce Bumper 15mm Spacer Kit (GM p/n 12363935)

● Rear Lower Control Arms Mounting Hardware (GM 22657681 (6x 105mm bolt) / 11515744 (locking nut)

● 1983-86 LCA Reinforcement (GM p/n 10000097)

Torque Arm Bushing (Energy Suspension p/n 3.1111R)


● 14.4:1 Ratio Steering Rack (98+)

Power Steering Cooler (GM p/n 26063305) w/ Gates p/n 35240 Hard Pipe

● 14.4:1 Ratio Steering Rack Coupler (98+)

Bump Steer Adjustable Tie Rods (Spohn p/n BS-4)

● Rack Boot (GM p/n 26078815) w/ Breather Tube

● Rack Mounting Bushings (Moog p/n K6349)




AutoX / Street

Present (left)

Present (right)

Camber (degrees)

-0.6 to 1.4

-1.0 to -0.5



Caster (degrees)

4.0 to 6.0

4.0 to 5.0



Toe (in)

-0.10 to 0.10





Rear Wheel Jounce Bumper p/n 10164173 (rotted)

(2) PHR Bolt p/n 11516933 w/ Nut p/n 11515744 (rusted)

Front Shock Mount p/n 22146933L & 22146934R (rusted)




● GMPP Firebird GT 17x9 Silver 5-Spoke Aluminum Speedline Aliseo Wheels (GM p/n 12371050)

Chrome Long Skirt Hex Head Metal Valve Stem Caps

● Late 2nd Gen Wheel Cap Firebird Emblems (GM p/n 527087)



P275/40ZR17 Riken Raptor ZR A/S Ultra High Performance Tires [ 98W / UTOG 300 A A ]


● Wheel Lug Nut p/n 9594683

Wheel Locks Set (AMCOR p/n 057)

Lug Nut Cap (black) p/n 10028614



Front (upgrade)

1998+ 11.9” Disc Brake (Twin-piston Calipers)  (tech info)

Slotted/Cross-drilled Black Zinc-coated Front Rotors (EBC p/n GD7005)

● Ceramic Pads (EBC Redstuff p/n DP31239C) 

C5 Corvette Caliper Upgrade (front)

● C5 Standard Twin-piston PBR Calipers (GM p/n 12530682R & 12530683L)

● C5/98+ Pad/Caliper Bracket Guide Pin (GM p/n 12530697) - 2 required per caliper

● C5 Caliper Banjo Bolt Crush Washers (GM p/n 21012386) - 2 required per caliper  

● 98+ Pad/Caliper Bracket Guide Pin Seal (GM p/n 18024233) - 2 required per caliper

● C5 Caliper Banjo Bolt (GM p/n 11570052)

● 98+ Pad/Caliper Bracket (GM p/n 18026163)

● C5 Pad/Caliper Bracket Guide Pin Bolt (GM p/n 14067559) - 2 required per caliper  

● 98+ Pad/Caliper Bracket Bolt (GM p/n 18023646) - 2 required per bracket

● C5 Caliper Seal Kit (GM p/n 12530686)


C5 Stainless Steel Caliper Pistons (Doug Rippie Motorsports)

Rear (upgrade)

1996 Y87 11.5” Disc Brake (Single-piston PBR Calipers)

Slotted/Cross-drilled Black Zinc-coated Front Rotors (EBC p/n GD7004)

Ceramic Brake Pads (EBC Redstuff p/n DP31167C)


Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hoses (Goodridge G-Stop p/n 12217-SPL)


● Left Rear Caliper Bracket p/n 18019857 (bent)

● Bracket Shim p/n 12471185


Ebony Trim Upgrade

2000+ Console (GM)

2000+ Sun Visors (GM p/n 10326256 RH & 10326257 LH) w/o map strap

● 2000+ Dash (GM)

2000+ Floor Mat Set (GM p/n 88987426)

● 2000+ Camaro Leather Door Panels (GM)

2000+ Seat Side Trim (GM)

2000+ Door Kick Panels (GM)

2000+ Seat Belt Guides (GM)

2000+ Sail Panels (GM)

2000+ Ebony Headlight Switch (GM)

2000+ Quarter Panels w/speaker upgrade


2000+ A-pillar Trim (GM p/n 10410020 RH & 10410021 LH)


Driver Seat

6-way Power Track (AG1)

● Ebony Power Seat Control Cover

Steering Wheel

1988-89 Firebird GTA Black Leather Steering Wheel (N36/NP5)

● 1988-89 Firebird Horn Pad (GM p/n 17984924)


GMPP Embroidered "Firebird GT" Black Front Floor Mats (GM p/n 12371049) [show ONLY]

Cobb's "Tricked Out" Performance Aluminum Pedal Pads

Black “Pontiac” Logo Seat Belt Shoulder Pads

Instrument Panel

Gauge Cluster Bezel (GM p/n 17997875)

    w/ fog switch cutout


1997+ HVAC Control Panel

    [knobs are backlit - retained 1996 mode selector switch due to 1996 pneumatic hose connections]

2000+ Ebony Fog Light Switch (GM p/n 10414007)


Floor Console

Fan Switch (SLP p/n 63011)

2000+ Ebony Fog Switch [power antenna cut-off] (GM p/n 10414007)

Overhead Console

1985-87 Firebird GTA T-top Roof Console

98+ Cadillac Homelink (Amber - rolling code)


Analog Wideband AFR Gauge 8.5-18 (AEM p/n 30-5130)

Black Full Pillar Dual Gauge Pod (Speedhut)

Analog Oil Temperature Gauge 100-300 deg F (AEM p/n 30-5140)


Sound System

"Monsoon" ETR AM/FM Stereo, Compact Disc, Equalizer, Remote CD Prewiring, 8-Speaker System - Coaxial (2-2-4)


● Backup Light Switch p/n 14069600 (failure)

● Driver-side Mirror p/n 12528882 (broken cable)

● Door Jamb Switch p/n 20589218 (rusted)

● Dash Retainer p/n 10193261

● Door Jamb Switch Seal p/n 20057139 (ripped)

Dash Tape p/n 12520053 (5pk)



Modified 1996 Wiper Arms (removed "wing")

Wiper Blades

Trico "Flex" Beam (D) 24” Trico p/n 18-240 (P) 22" Trico p/n 18-220

Lights (head)

Headlight Gear (Brass)


● T/A Rear Bumper (GM p/n 10201178)

T/A Rocker Panel Molding (GM p/n 12369003 & 9004)

Firehawk Ram Air Hood

    w/ hood Air Box gasket (GM p/n 12359196)

Black 1/4” Automotive Attachment Tape (3M Acrylic Plus p/n 06386)

Mitubishi 3000GT Wing w/ Light Bar

● Aluminum Fuel Door (2000-2005 Mitsubishi Eclipse p/n AEC00YDX01)

Front Turnsignals (clear)

● Rear Sidelights (smoke)

McK Plastics (Kobel) “Images” Front Spoiler

● Rear Center Brake Light - LED (smoke)

Rear Formula Filler Panel (GM p/n 5977294)

    w/ Silver Bird Decal (2nd Gen Firebird B-piller) and Red “GT” Decal (Custom Grand Am)


● "High Performance" Emblem

Firebird Emblem (front fascia - removed)

"Firebird" Emblem (door - removed)

Pontiac Race Flags Badge Emblem (NHRA Special Edition Firebird)

Silver Stripe Hood Decal (modified reproduction Firebird GT)

Flat Black "Blackbird" Hood Stripes w/ 1972 GTO style "RAM AIR" (Fourth Circle Designs)

2nd Gen Firebird Rally II Wheel Cap Emblems (B-piller)

● Rear Bumper CETA Insert [flat clear over black]

● 1981-87 Buick Regal Chrome "LIMITED" Emblem

"FIREBIRD" Silver Side Stripe

1995-96 Buick Regal Gran Sport Chrome “3800 Series II” Emblem (GM p/n 10278176)

● Drip Rail (removed)

● Windshield Reveal Molding - Conv Gloss (GM p/n 10284787)


● 1998+ Power Antenna (GM p/n 10402860)

● 1996 Antenna Bracket (GM)


Halogen Headlights (Sylvania SilverStar p/n H4666ST)

Factory Spec

New Spec

● Taillight [Brake / Turn Signal]  (2057)

● Taillight [Brake / Turn Signal]  (2057)

● Front [Parking / Turn Signal]  (3057)

● Front [Parking / Turn Signal]  (3047A Amber ) 

● Side Front Marker (194)

● Side Front Marker (194A Amber)

● Side Rear Marker (194)

● Side Rear Marker (194) [ Super Red T10 High Power LED ]

● Side Taillamp [fill-in]  (194)

● Side Taillamp [fill-in] (194) Red [ 5 SMT LED ]

● Backup  (1156)

● Backup (1156) 

● Center Brake Light  (921)

● Center Brake Light  [ Red LED Matrix ]

● Mirror Maplight  (212-2)

Mirror Maplight  (212-2)  [ 6 LED ]

● Dome  (212-2)

● Swivel Lamp (906) / Console Dome (211-2) / Cargo Dome (212-2)


Meguiars Ultimate Quik Detailer®

Meguiars PlastX Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish

Meguiars Quik Interior Detailer

Turttle Wax Black Detailer

Meguiars “Hot Shine” Tire Spray


Electrical Modifications


30” long  5/16” x ¼” lugs  4AWG Alternator Cable

● 3/8” Red Convoluted Tubing for Battery & Alternator Cables

(3) ½” OD x ¼” ID x 3/32” thk Copper (Spacer) Washers


Remote Manual Fan Switch

Ø  Radar Detector

Ø  Antenna Over-Ride

Fog/driving Lights

Fog/Driving Lights (Hella Optilux 2020 p/n 88184)

Weather-proof Blade Fuse Holder (NAPA p/n BEL784623)

(2) Light Bracket (modified SLP Firehawk)

(2) Double & (2) Single Weather Pack Connectors (NAPA)

(2) Bracket Brace (SLP Firehawk)

Dorman 18GA Bullet Splice Tap (Checker Auto)

GM Fog Light Switch (Driving Lights)

Open-barrel 5mm Male Bullet Connector (JST p/n SGM-21-5)


Heat Shrink Tubing

SPDT Switching Relay

¼” Black Convoluted Tubing




To Be Installed          Planned

Phase II Upgrades

Brakes (rear):  Slotted/Cross-drilled Black Zinc-coated Rear Rotors (EBC)


Phase II Modifications

Engine (intake manifold)

99+ Upper Intake Manifold (UIM) w/ plugged coolant ports; and modified PCV for Oil Separator

Mini-AFC 1.1 (Easy Performance)

96 Buick Park Avenue Ultra L67 Hitachi 69mm Throttle Body (GM p/n 24503380) - modified coolant channels

UIM Gasket (GM p/n 24506259)

● 96 F-body L36 Manual Trans TB Linkage w/ Auto cable and bracket  

L67 Gasket (Easy Performance)

● 96 F-body L36 Auto Trans Throttle cable and TB bracket  

● Flange Head Bolt - M6x1x65 (GM p/n 11506078)

Engine (mechanical): 1996 9C1 Police Engine Oil Cooler, 24 lb/hr MPI Fuel Injectors (LT1), PCV System Air/Oil Separater

Engine (sensors): Throttle Position Sensor Enhancer (Casper Electronics p/n 102018)

Suspension (rear):  Torque Arm Relocation (UMI p/n 2210)

Drivetrain: SLP Ring & Pinion Install Kit


Engine Buildup



CompCams GT2 Cam (ZZP)

CompCams Valve Locks (ZZP)

LS7 Lifters and Stock Pushrods

Rollmaster Timing Set w/ Single Roller Chain (ZZP)

Aluminum (1.6 Ratio) Roller Rocker Package (ZZP)

● Timing Chain Dampener (ZZP)

CompCams 105# Valve Springs p/n 26915 (ZZP)

● Oil Volume (Pressure) Kit (ZZP)

CompCams LS1 style Valve Spring Retainers (ZZP)

Accel 150126 26 lb/hr Fuel Injectors


Engine: 98+ heads (casting 4781), ARP Head Stud Kit (Intense), Cosmetic MLS .052” 4-Layer Head Gaskets (ZZP)



Engine:  4.2L High Performance Stroker Kit

Upgraded Engine

Engine:  2000 SSEi L67, LS1 Throttle Body, Magnuson-Eaton MP90 Supercharger, Water-cooled Intercooler, FFF Long Tube SS Headers

Dream Engine

Engine (1) :  LC3 - 4.4L DOHC Supercharged Northstar - 469HP (2006-09 STS-V), Tremec T56 6-speed transmission

Engine (2) :  LT5 - all-aluminum 5.7L DOHC - 405HP (1990-1995 Chevrolet Corvette C4 ZR-1) , ZF S6-40 6-speed transmission



Alternatives / Misc

Engine:  Diamond 9.5:1 Coated Pistons, GM L32 Forged Connecting Rods, ARP Connecting Rod Bolts, Clevite 77 TriMetal Rod Bearings, Clevite 77 TriMetal Main Bearings, ARP Main Stud Kit, 4.1L Stroker Kit (ZZP), ZZP Stage 2 Heads, Fuel Injector Blueprinting

Engine (electrical): Adjustable Fan Controller w/ 3/8" MPT Probe (Derale p/n 16749), Radiator Hose Temperature Sender Adapter, Fan Relay Delay Module (Casper Electronics p/n 109086)

Engine (sensors): Throttle Position Sensor Enhancer

Engine (misc):  Accessory Serpentine (Dayco Poly Cog p/n 5060945), Engine Mount (Energy Suspension p/n 3.1145), Extended PF52 Oil Filter (AMSOIL p/n EaO23)

Hydraulics:  C4 Corvette Front Caliper Brake Hoses, Pennzoil Super Heavy Duty DOT 3 Brake Fluid

Intake:  4” Cobra Head Elbow, 3” Cobra Head Elbow, Lingenfelter SuperTube (p/n LN0042)

Exhaust:  Headers (Pacesetter Armor-coat p/n 72C1209), BMR Tunnel Brace, 3 “ to 2.5” 304SS Adapter (Pypes p/n PVA10), 3" SS Flat Band T-Bolt Clamps (SuperTrapp p/n 094-3000), 2.5" SS Flat Band T-Bolt Clamps (SuperTrapp p/n 094-2500), 2.5" 304SS 90 degree 3.75" Radius Mandrel Bend Pipe (Columbia River p/n SS-250-375-090), Custom 2.5” 304SS 5 degree Mandrel Bend Pipe (Columbia River)

Steering:  Grey Leather-wrapped Steering Wheel (GM p/n 16752019)  

Suspension:  SuperGrease (Hotchkis p/n 3101) 

Brakes:  Pegasus Brake Air Inlet Ducts, Silicone Ducting

Wheels:  3mm Front Wheel Spacer (GM p/n 14091902)

Body (appearance): GMPP Firebird GT Silver Stripe (GM p/n 12371046), GMPP Firebird GT Ornamentation (left headlight cover, doors, right rear bumper) Package (GM p/n 12371047), 1972 GTO White RAM AIR Decal, SLP Firebird GT Silver Twin-stripe Decal

Body (other):  1968 Pontiac L6 Hood-Mounted 5500 RPM Redline Tach, Rear Filler Panel (GM p/n 5977294) w/ Black Firebird Emblem (GM p/n 12514358) and Black “GT” Emblem (GM p/n 22636920)

Wiper Blades:  Bosch 24” Micro Edge Excel p/n 40924

Lighting: Headlight Conversion, 1996 Firehawk Fog Lights, LED Lights

Interior (dash):  1997 Digital Instrument Panel

Interior (console):  Grey Switch Panel (GM p/n 10280509) w/ black 93-96 Camaro Fog Light Switch (GM), Ash Tray Switch Panel, “Performance Suspension” Emblem (GM p/n 10041161)




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Personal Information

AKA: FirebirdGT (Robert) - Your V6 Performance Source!

Contact: FirebirdGT

Location: Arizona

 Personal Info: Mechanical engineer, held National level SCCA Technical Inspectors license (1976-79)

F-Body Background: Extensive collection of GM F-body technical documents, specializing in V6 information





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